POP display for razers at Target stores/

POP vs POS Displays: Differentiating Strategy

Chances are, you’ve heard these two terms, perhaps even used interchangeably. But the differences between a Point of Purchase (POP) display and a Point of Sale (POS) display can be utilized in unique ways. Knowing their individual strengths can enhance your retail store approach tremendously. After all, we want to be working smarter, not harder.  …

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Man looking out over a holiday scene.

Stand Out in a Crowd This Holiday Season

You’ve probably already started seeing the holiday marketing when you’re out shopping. After an unexpected holiday season last year, brands are eager to capture the attention of shoppers in-store this year—and for good reason.  In 2021, holiday retail sales are expected to exceed $1 trillion (Insider Intelligence). And with 74% of folks planning to shop …

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IRC for Retail CPG

What is an IRC?

In the marketing world, bigger doesn’t always equal better. Sometimes, the smaller on-pack solutions can carry more weight than a highly produced TV or radio commercial. That’s because reaching people at the point of purchase (POP), when they’re more open to impulse purchases, gives us an increased chance of boosting sales! One of the most-utilized …

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Two people driving in a car. Geotargeting allows you to use their location to tailor relevant ads.

What Are the Benefits of Geotargeting?

Location, location, location. After touching briefly on geotargeting in our last post, we’re doing a deeper dive into what makes this strategy so worthwhile, and why you’ll definitely want to incorporate it into your marketing plan! What is Geotargeting?  Geotargeting uses geographic location and demographic insights to your advantage. This gives you the ability to …

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