Different types of brand awareness can help your product stand out!

Who Are You Again? The Five Types of Brand Awareness

These days, everyone is trying to make a name for themselves, and brands are no exception. Brand awareness exposes consumers to your story so they’ll remember and choose you over your competitors during crucial decision-making moments. This work engenders lifelong fans, and marketing experts agree: it’s wise (read: cost-effective) to invest in repeat customers who […]

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An on-pack coupon for Dove.

The Power of a Coupon

We know what you’re thinking: does a coupon really make THAT much of a difference when it comes to sales?  No matter how you slice it, the answer is a resounding YES! Deals motivate shoppers. Coupons increase the possibility of an impulse buy, the purchase of multiples, or help to cross-promote another related product.  But

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IRC for Retail CPG

What is an IRC?

In the marketing world, bigger doesn’t always equal better. Sometimes, the smaller on-pack solutions can carry more weight than a highly produced TV or radio commercial. That’s because reaching people at the point of purchase (POP), when they’re more open to impulse purchases, gives us an increased chance of boosting sales! One of the most-utilized

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