POP vs POS Displays: Differentiating Strategy

Chances are, you’ve heard these two terms, perhaps even used interchangeably. But the differences between a Point of Purchase (POP) display and a Point of Sale (POS) display can be utilized in unique ways. Knowing their individual strengths can enhance your retail store approach tremendously. After all, we want to be working smarter, not harder. 

The Similarities Between the Two Displays

First, let’s take a look at what these two choices both do well. POS and POP displays are excellent ways to:

  •  promote brand awareness. The more people see your brand showcased while shopping, the more likely they are to remember it later on!
  • highlighting exciting seasonal or temporary deals and promotions. If you have new or short-term information, this is the way to share it in-store. 

Now that we have a sense of what’s similar, let’s explore the unique strengths of these two powerful retail store display options


The main distinction between these two types of displays is how and where they are situated. POP displays can be placed almost anywhere in the store, while POS displays are specifically known for their proximity to checkout (the point of sale). Additionally, POP displays are more expansive and freestanding, while POS displays typically fit on a counter or rack. 

POP Displays

Point of Purchase displays work well for competitive categories, as well as showcasing larger quantities or volume of an item. This is an excellent opportunity to consider what will make customers choose your brand over the competition. From compelling statistics to brand storytelling to new products, it’s time to shout out your differentiators! 

The Power of a POP Display:

  • Showcasing larger quantities of products.
  • Promoting new or different packaging.
  • Reminding customers to grab items that are already on their list.

POS Displays

A pivotal aspect about a POS display? Every single paying customer will come across one when they go to purchase their items. After all, they are all eventually heading to the checkout lanes.

Let’s look at a real world example: Have you ever been at the checkout and spotted a colorful display of hand soap? You toss a bottle or two onto the conveyor belt without thinking twice—you can’t believe you forgot to add this important item to your list! This Point of Sale display has saved the day.

In the above example, this in-store display provided a quick-fix at precisely the right moment. It doesn’t matter that you don’t normally purchase that brand; the convenience was the important factor. One way to think about these displays: attention-grabbing imagery leads to actual grabbing!

The Power of a POS Display:

  • Encouraging impulse or last-minute purchases.
  • Featuring smaller and/or single-packaged items.
  • Highlighting exciting seasonal or temporary deals and promotions.

In-Store Marketing the Insignia Way

Capturing the attention of shoppers in the store gives you the best chance to connect with a potential new customer. Ready to put your messaging out there? At Insignia, we’re all about results. With our expertise, you’ll be on your way to a successful retail store display strategy in no time!

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