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Insignia’s wide range of solutions meet business objectives of both brands and retailers, and build more meaningful relationships with their shoppers.

We’re driven by an insatiable curiosity to understand why and how shoppers shop, and what makes them buy what they buy. Then we listen intently to our client's needs and wants, and build the program that works best for them. And that’s one of the reasons why Creative Magazine selected Insignia as the Top Display Company of 2019 in the US.

Our Solutions

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Our Partners

Insignia develops close partnerships with brands and retailers, as well as agencies, influencers and disruptors. This mix enables us to develop forward-thinking solutions that speak to specific needs. Find out more below:

CPG Partners
Whether you’re a large multi-national brand or just secured your first point of distribution, we offer a variety of powerful solutions that meet CPG brand needs. Learn More
Whether you have thousands of stores across the country or you’re a small, independent chain, we provide syndicated and custom solutions to effectively engage your shoppers. Learn More
Helping you and your clients activate shoppers in and out of the store. Learn More
Got an interesting idea? We seek out and align with innovators and disruptors who are also working towards bringing to market new solutions to engage shoppers. Learn More

Some of the fine retailers and CPGs we work with.

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