How Insignia Makes Small Brands Feel Big

Omni Channel Activation Leads to Sales

The Client

National Supplement Brand

Solution Category

In-Store Signage, Digital Promotions

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The Situation

Striving to drive both sales and awareness at a national retailer, a new and growing brand came to Insignia. The problem? The brand lived in a crowded category with limited products. 

The Strategy

To grab attention in a crowded category it is vital to be loud and disrupt the shopper experience. Insignia’s strategy? Build a campaign that would attract shoppers both digitally and at-shelf. 

Digitally, Insignia geo-targeted two segments: planned and impulse shoppers. Consumers within a 15-mile radius of select stores defined the planned audience further categorized into four distinct user groups: 

• casual supplement users
• healthy lifestyle
• high supplement users
• natural or organic 

Customers within 500 meters of the physical store defined the impulse audience (since those potential buyers are already shopping). Insignia didn’t develop only one creative. Multiple creatives with varied messaging were assessed to see what garnered the most attention. In-store, Insignia deployed at-shelf communication, disrupting the shopper’s experience. To increase interaction, tearpad coupons were provided at select stores. 

Custom Displays for Retailers

Omni Channel Activation Leads to Sales


The Results

A benefit in this digital campaign was flexibility. Insignia adjusted targeted impressions, creatives and user groups to optimize interaction in real time. 


Overall Sales Lift (Digital & In-store Signage)




Overall Sales Lift (Additional tearpad coupon)