Insignia Helps Boost A Brand with New Shelf Space

Amplifying A Digital Offer

Bread Bites Mobile Advertisement
The Client

Frozen Appetizer/Snack Brand

Solution Category

Digital Promotions

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The Situation

Gaining shelf space at a major retailer was a big step for this brand. Driving awareness to this space was the name of the game. And Insignia was ready to play.

The Strategy

The game plan?

Eye-catching creatives –> more impressions –> increased foot traffic –> additional awareness and sales for the brand.

Insignia developed a range of rich and static creatives with varied messaging to captivate the attention of shoppers. Specifically, targeting two distinct user groups:

  • users with the offer app currently downloaded
  • users that fit the target demographic and profile of the brand’s typical customer

The ultimate goal of any campaign is to motivate buyers to go in-store, AKA foot traffic. By providing a promotion with the digital ads, Insignia propelled foot traffic for the brand.


The Success




Increase in Store visit rate