Display Solutions

Transform your secondary space into a branded experience for your shoppers.

Have you been awarded display space at Target stores and don’t know what to do? Are you trying to get display space at Target, but don’t know where to start?

Our solutions help you maximize or secure display space and build your brand equity at this critical point of purchase. Based on your distribution, we can execute at all or a subset of stores nationally. Our expertise in building display programs for brands goes beyond any single piece of the process. We offer services that range from creative design through production and in store installation. We can manage all aspects of the process or any single step depending on your needs.

Free Standing Displays

Flexible in-store units used to promote and stock products. Use of displays is increasing as brands compete for the attention of shoppers. Insignia works with you to develop a customized solution to solve your need, engage your shopper, and tell your brand’s story. We manage it all, from creative development, production, execution, and installation.

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Shelf Trays

Shelf trays are frequently used by retailers to organize product and reduce inventory; however, they offer manufacturers an opportunity to better utilize this valuable space. Well-designed trays can provide impactful brand messaging, present products in a premium, attractive and clean way and inspire shoppers to try the product.

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Power Wings & Sidekicks

Flexible displays that attach to and hang from existing shelving in an aisle or at the end of the aisle. Typically hung at eye-level, power panels are designed to fit the specific retailer’s specifications and are used to drive trial and promote impulse purchases.

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Drive trial and bring your brand story to life in a new location. Sidecaps are used by many retailers to highlight unique, new, or seasonal products in a different location to increase sales. These fixtures provide a unique opportunity to bring your brand story into the store and inspire shoppers at the point of purchase.

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Custom Executions

One of the most coveted opportunities within a retail store is the ability to bring your brand to life in a custom way. In these situations, you need an experienced partner that understands retailer guidelines and can help you navigate through the complex process of creating a unique design, developing custom components and ensuring flawless in-store installation.

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