In-Store Signage Solutions

Active shoppers are the crown jewel of all marketing endeavors.

Once a shopper is in the store, their mind and wallet are open to try new products. Shopping lists are mostly unbranded, and 76% of purchase decisions are made at the shelf.  At this impactful moment of truth, in-store signage becomes a powerful marketing vehicle able to influence the final purchase decision.

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In-store presence is critical to influence shoppers who are actively spending money and receptive to adding new items or switching brands.

of retail sales happen in a BRICK & MORTAR
of impulse purchases are made IN THE STORE
of buying decisions are made AT THE SHELF
Insignia Systems in-store marketing, POPS with price product promotion

Insignia Systems in-store marketing, signage iconInsigniaPOPS® with Price

POPS — or Point of Purchase Signs — allow brands to deliver their equity communication at the shelf, which is where shoppers are making the decision on which product to buy. Insignia POPS® contains both your branded message and retailer-supplied store level pricing with retailer logo.

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Insignia Systems in-store marketing, grocery store signage iconEquity Signs

Brand equity signs are designed to allow your brand story to come to life at the shelf, creating the opportunity to influence the shopper where it matters most – at the point of purchase.

Whether you are executing at a grocery store or mass retailer like Walmart, our lead times are among the fastest in the industry.

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Insignia Systems in-store marketing, equity signs

Insignia is the preferred in-store provider for many leading brands for the following reasons:

Vertical integration

This process allows close collaboration between account management and operations so your program is executed exactly per your needs

Retail network

Our large network of stores include major food, drug and mass channel retailers

Proprietary technology

We can customize signs to your needs whether it’s a different price by store or by highlighting a different UPC by geography

Speed to shelf

Our streamlined approach allows us to execute your programs in-store in under 6 weeks

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