How Insignia leveraged in-store signage to help a brand stand out and tell their story on a crowded shelf.

The Client

A national non-GMO, natural canned goods manufacturer

Solution Category

In-Store Signage

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The Situation

This canned goods manufacturer was struggling to get shopper recognition of their simple, natural, and non-GMO ingredients even with a new packaging change. Due to the complexity of the categories they operate in and the number of brands and items available, standing out at shelf is very difficult without steep discounting.

The brand wants to capitalize on their recently gained ‘Non-GMO Project Verified’ status and alert shoppers to the new product sizes.

The Strategy

An InsigniaPOPS® sign with price-value messaging was placed in front of the brand helping them to stand out at shelf and get noticed by shoppers

  • Brand Messaging: 
    Brand had in-store space to tell story and connect with active shoppers
  • Value Messaging:
    Drive shopper engagement with sign and helps brand breakthrough clutter
  • Retailer logo Integration:
    Perceived endorsement from the retailer, building trust and brand value

The Success


Lift in Sales


Incremental Units


Incremental Revenue