Bring your brand story to life in a new location

Freestanding Display for CPG Products

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Sidecap Displays for Retail CPG

Full Service

From design through installation.

Major Retailers

Available at all Target stores and other national retailers.

Speed to Shelf

Fast 4 to 6 week lead time.


Includes branded header, tray inserts and/or side panel clings; add-on options are available.

Sidecaps drive trial and bring your brand story to life in a new location

Side caps are used by many retailers like Target to highlight unique, new, or seasonal products in a different location to increase sales. These fixtures provide a unique opportunity to bring your brand story into the store and inspire shoppers at the point of purchase.

Proven Brand Benefits Include
  • Brand awareness
  • Drive impulse purchases
  • Attract new shoppers
  • Incremental sales

Custom displays were a critical in-store tactic we needed as we grew our retail side of the business. We had strong concepts however we were seeking a strong partner.

Insignia collaborated with our team to bring our in-store merchandising statements to life.

Director of Retail, Manscaped Inc.

Insignia partners with your marketing team to understand your brand objectives and can create materials that you can take to the retailer to help secure this valuable space.

Typically, physical wire displays with either shelves or pegs are on the side of endcaps on most aisles. This space is awarded by the retailers to brands with a unique proposition or story that is compelling to shoppers.

Once the space is awarded, Insignia works closely with the brand to manage all aspects of execution and installation. See below for lead times and other execution details related to our capabilities at Target.

  • Full service – from design through installation
    • Services span the entire display life-cycle, including creative design and development, production, kitting, shipping and in-store installation
  • Includes branded header, tray inserts and/or side panel clings
    • Add-on options are available
  • Full program recap provided after in-store execution
  • Speed to shelf in as short as 6 weeks
  • Available at all Target stores and other retailers nationally
Retail Sidecaps for CPGs