Physical Store, Digital Follow-Up

The scenario is so common. The familiar story begins with a customer entering the store. They scan the shelves and their eyes land on your product. After picking up the packaging and inspecting it, they finally put it back on the shelf. It appears as if you’ve lost another sale, but — not necessarily.

You have probably heard the term “touches” or “touch points” when we talk about getting a shopper to convert to a customer. In fact, experts agree that eight touchpoints is a good target to aim for as you plan your marketing campaigns. Customers need to be reminded of your product even after they leave the store. That’s where digital targeting swoops in, providing a necessary touch. 

Using Geofencing to Create Effective Touchpoints

When we connect with customers who have already interacted with your product, we’ve already won half the battle. They’ve been exposed to your brand, your labeling, and your messaging. Now, how do we remind them about your brand and compel them to re-engage with us? 

Geofencing and geotargeting use locations to directly connect you with customers. When they leave the store, it’s not the end of the story. Technological advances allow us to digitally communicate to them, reminding them about your brand’s differentiators. 

With the right strategy, we increase the likelihood of conversions over time by exposing your audience to more touchpoints that they actually want to engage with. 

Now that they have a deeper understanding of your product, the plan hopefully results in one of two possibilities: they convert online or they convert in-store.

Either way, your chances of securing a new, loyal customer has gone up!

Read our blog “What are the Benefits of Geotargeting?” for an even more in-depth analysis of this technique.

Examples of Geotargeting “Touches”

  • Display ads
  • Mobile ads
  • Website banners
  • Website retargeting

Combine your geotargeting abilities with compelling ads that draw people in. You can use the unique assets of the digital world to your advantage. Color, video, moving images, sounds – even gifs – all work to capture the attention of your audience. Data-driven dynamic rich media gets people to pay attention when they’re mindlessly scrolling.

Furthermore, a crystal clear call to action (i.e., visit our website, shop now) direct them where to go. The more you can speak directly to your audience, the more likely they are to sit up and listen.

Right Messaging Meets the Right Moment

When it comes to successful marketing campaigns, it’s all about communicating the right messaging at the right time. We want to utilize a message that’s clear, concise, and compelling. A digital follow-up reintroduces your brand to a potential customer when they have more space to process information.

Omnichannel Marketing Executed Expertly

In today’s world, marketing across multiple platforms gives you the best chance of increased conversion rates. Whether you’re a small business, a B2B company, or a large corporation, you benefit from harnessing the power of marketing across channels. 

At Insignia we understand omnichannel marketing inside and out. Our decades long experience with in-store services gives us a unique perspective. Combine that with our expertise in the digital space and dynamic rich media. It’s no wonder we’ve helped so many of our clients find success with their unique KPIs. 

Our case studies lay it all out. Read what makes our approach revelatory. Then, let’s work on you