A New Product + Store Led Approach to Mobile

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Proprietary Shopper Driven Targeting

Identifying Shoppers Most Likely to Convert

Insignia is bringing our in-store expertise and knowledge of how shoppers convert at the shelf to the digital space in a way that no other media companies can offer. Our proprietary targeting process, brings product, store and shopper data together to identify consumers with the strongest propensity to buy. From there, we deliver messages seamlessly between the shopper’s digital and in-store experiences, resolving the current disconnect between the digital and store experience and resulting in driving sales, foot traffic, and more.


Our proprietary digital targeting process focuses on the product and store attributes that we know to be most important based on our in-store expertise. These attributes are what truly convert a shopper to purchase at shelf. Our core targeting is powered through rich purchase data; however, we also have access to 30+ additional data sources to create and refine the most precise custom audiences for every campaign.


With stores in mind, our targeting technology is powered by Google Maps with the precision to implement as tightly as the store’s parking lot.


Insignia knows the power of an engaging and interactive creative to convey the brand’s story. We offer an in-house creative studio supporting a variety of exclusive creatives focused on driving shoppers to act.


Our programmatic, app-based inventory is both GDPR and CCPA compliant, ensuring the most stringent data and privacy requirements are met. Further, we offer full transparency to where all ads are delivered, strongly support 3rd party performance validation and deploy a suite of robust reporting to ensure clients goals are met.

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