Equity Signs

Draw attention to your brand

Did you know that 76% of purchase decisions are made at the shelf?

Focusing first on out-of-store communication can leave brands susceptible to in-store communication that attracts shoppers at the point of purchase. Brand equity signs are designed to allow your brand story to come to life at the shelf, creating the opportunity to influence the shopper where it matters most.

Insignia offers the ability to execute a variety of brand equity signage tactics across a wide range of US retailers with their approval. Our equity signage products not only help drive awareness and impressions, but they are also very versatile in execution.

We can execute brand signs in retailers like Walmart, Publix, Target, Meijer, HEB etc.

Insignia Systems in-store marketing, equity signs

Easy & speedy program execution

Insignia can execute equity signs across a wide range of retailers, and because of our established retailer network, these programs can be executed in as little as 6 weeks allowing us to implement your message faster than other sign providers.

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Effective program frequency

Brand equity signs are sold in 4-week or custom cycles depending on your brand specific in-store marketing needs.

Programs are available nationally with retailer approval.

Insignia Systems in-store marketing, equity signs
Variety of Formats

Shelf POPS:

Utilize to extend presence in stores not available through other providers. Category exclusivity available.

Cooler Clings:

Ideal for frozen and refrigerated categories

Banner POPS®:

Bookend your product and category

Proven Brand Benefits

Equity signs are frequently used by CPG brands because of their versatility and their ability to meet a wide range of business objectives, including:

  • Seasonal communication
  • New product launch announcement
  • Renovation or product upgrades
  • New packaging
  • Audience specific targeting
  • Cross promotions
  • And more…

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