What Are the Benefits of Geotargeting?

Location, location, location. After touching briefly on geotargeting in our last post, we’re doing a deeper dive into what makes this strategy so worthwhile, and why you’ll definitely want to incorporate it into your marketing plan!

What is Geotargeting? 

Geotargeting uses geographic location and demographic insights to your advantage. This gives you the ability to define who receives your advertising and when. Real-time information helps increase both relevance and engagement while helping drive traffic to stores!

Let’s See It in Action 

Imagine you’re looking to advertise a new protein bar. Through the magic (and science) of geotargeting, you can define an audience of people within a specified area and who, according to purchase-based targeting, have been researching gym equipment. Armed with that information, you can target these shoppers with an easily digestible call-to-action (try this protein bar!) about your product.

Pro-tip: While you can use locations in real-time, you can also utilize historic locations. This allows you to target folks who live, work, or frequent a certain area, as opposed to people who are just passing through. 

Geotargeting vs. Geofencing 

While these two share similarities, in practice they yield different results:

  • Geotargeting – These ads are delivered to people that are (or have been) within a defined radius and meet a specified criteria. Simply put, demographics ( interests, age, salary, etc.) or previous shopping behaviors denote who’ll see your marketing. 
  • Geofencing – The aptly-named geofencing creates a virtual fence in and around a specific location using IP addresses. Ads are shown to anyone at that location, regardless of demographic information. This strategy is great for targeting a neighborhood, university, or even sports game. 

The Benefits of Geotargeting 

CPG Digital Promotions Geotargeting

We’re all looking to create marketing that inspires action. By meeting people where they are (literally), you’re able to offer compelling advertisements. This strategy works because it’s: 

  • Relevant – When you’ve honed in on a person’s location, you can best serve their immediate needs. Reaching folks while they’re out can inspire impulse shopping, helping to drive traffic to stores and ultimately lift sales.

  • Meaningful – Crafting personalized advertisements that reflect or comment on local culture or events makes for memorable messaging. People love to feel seen and this type of geographical specificity helps you speak their language (so to speak). 
  • Effective – Today’s location tracking capabilities are more advanced and accurate, meaning your investment is being put to good use. Say hello to an effective marketing strategy that makes the most of your dollars. 

Insignia: Using Geotargeting to Drive Traffic to Stores

We love to connect your brand with your next lifelong customer. At Insignia, we harness the power of location-based targeting and dynamic rich media to make your messaging memorable and impactful. Ready to meet your new marketing partner? Contact us today!