CPG Marketing: Can Mobile Ads Boost Engagement?

Today, more people spend time on their mobile devices than they do sitting in front of the TV. And as more Americans turn to their devices, mobile ads are becoming increasingly prevalent. But how effective are they? Can they really work to boost engagement? 

First, What Exactly are Mobile Ads?

Mobile ads are any advertising that an audience receives on a smartphone or tablet (aka their mobile device). These range from video ads to push notifications via text messages to banners on a mobile website. Typically, these ads are personalized to the user based on their individual purchase and browsing history. By running creative, targeted ads, there’s an opportunity to make a significant impact on your audience.  

Can Mobile Ads Boost Engagement? 

Digital Advertising for CPG BRandsAbsolutely. Did you know 46% of Americans search for information about a product or service on a mobile app (SEM Rush)? Capturing the attention of shoppers on devices is a highly effective way to get them to notice your brand! By reaching people at the right place and the right time, it’s easier than ever to engage your target audience. 

Today, smartphone ads see the highest growth rate when compared to desktop advertisements.

Plus, by combining mobile ads with eye-catching in-store signage and compelling coupons, you significantly increase your chances of inspiring a purchase!  

What Makes Mobile Ads So Effective?

Mobile ads offer more leverage than simply targeting shoppers with specific browsing history, including:

Geotargeting Refining your audience based on location means you’re able to connect with them when they’re in the store, or tailor ads based on location history.

Purchase-Based TargetingInsight into an individual’s purchase history or routine can help you create ads specifically to fit their immediate needs or desires. 

Interactive ElementsMobile ads that double as games or contests get people actively involved, creating a stronger and more lasting impression. 

A Range of Creative Solutions – At Insignia, our in-house design team crafts ads that are both rich and static in whatever format is needed. This means more opportunity for experimentation and creative brand marketing as we work to see what resonates with your target audience. 

Digital Solutions: The Insignia Way 

If you’re looking to boost engagement in a cost-effective way, digital ads are a great avenue to pursue. At Insignia, we work to become your CPG marketing allies. How do we do it? By listening to your needs and putting our problem-solving expertise to work.  As we strive to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to stores, and lift sales, we help you stay ahead of the competition. 

Feeling inspired? Ready to take charge of your brand marketing with mobile ads? Contact us today and let’s build something beautiful.