Stand Out in a Crowd This Holiday Season

You’ve probably already started seeing the holiday marketing when you’re out shopping. After an unexpected holiday season last year, brands are eager to capture the attention of shoppers in-store this year—and for good reason. 

In 2021, holiday retail sales are expected to exceed $1 trillion (Insider Intelligence). And with 74% of folks planning to shop both in-store and online (NBD), there’s never been a better time to set yourself up for success across multiple channels. It’s imperative to think strategically about how you position yourself though the end of the year.  

Top Four Holiday Marketing Tips from Insignia


Get Creative but Keep it Simple.

Sounds tricky, right? But just because an advertisement captures attention doesn’t mean it has to be overly complicated. Think about what you fundamentally want to communicate to your audience. Strip back the fancy language or clever puns and keep it simple. Holiday marketing is a great time to showcase the humanity behind your brand by embracing themes of emotionality, nostalgia, and togetherness. Showcasing your passion, heart, and relatability can make the difference between a one-time purchase and a new lifelong customer.

Use Your History to Guide You.

Take a deep dive into previous offerings and holiday marketing ideas you’ve used. Based on your individual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), what method garnered the most success for you in the past? Do you spot any consistent patterns emerging from this data? Has your demographic changed from last year? These answers are unique to every brand and industry. Take the time to understand what has worked best for you and build from there. This strategic analysis will yield better results than simply copying your competitors.

Syndicate Content.

When you create content that speaks well to your brand voice, don’t be afraid to use it in multiple places. From social to in-store ads, this type of repetition helps your customers have a more streamlined experience. With so much content out there, consistency across channels is key!

Focus on Your Relationships With Your Customers.

Holiday marketing includes some of the best deals of the entire year. But with everyone offering steep discounts, how do you compete with all that noise? Cultivating relationships with your customers differentiates you from the competition. Instead of creating false panic about why folks need to buy your product NOW, incorporate straightforward messaging about the benefits of your product. After all, it doesn’t do you as much good if the customer only buys your product once—the goal is to get them to purchase again in the off-season.

What About My New Year Marketing Campaign?

These tips can also help you boost brand engagement and conversions in the new year. At the end of the day, transparency and honesty can help establish lasting relationships with customers, instead of one-time purchases. 

Spend Quality Time With Your Data

Once the holidays are over, take the time to look over your new data. What worked? What could be improved upon? Were there any responses that surprised you? Schedule a meeting with your team to discuss these questions and jot down any interesting findings. You’ll be glad you took this time now when you’re creating holiday marketing ideas for 2022! 

The World of Insignia  

Insignia Systems is perfectly positioned to help you work towards your goals now and in the new year. From in-store expertise (including on-pack and display marketing) to digital marketing capabilities, we believe in a holistic, omnichannel approach to marketing. Reach out so we can learn more about you! 

Happy Holidays from Insignia