Make the Most of Your Merchandise Display

So, you’ve decided to display your product in-store. Congratulations! That’s a big step that can bring exciting growth to your brand. With our trusted tips, your merchandise display is sure to make a big impact.

According to a 2014 Mass Merchant Shopper Engagement Study conducted by POPAI, 34% of shoppers head to the store without a list. By grabbing the attention of shoppers, you have a real shot of becoming an impulse purchase!

Tips for Making Your Merchandise Display Stand Out 

At Insignia, we’ve been in the business of in-store marketing for over 30 years. In that time, we’ve learned a thing or two:

Know Thyself

The old saying still rings true. The better you know your brand, the stronger your free standing display will be. From your logo to your color scheme, have a firm grasp on your brand. The key is consistency across the board.  

For example: If you use a specific blue in your logo and branding, incorporate that blue into your display. People will make the connection and you’ll become even more memorable.

Scope Out the Competition 

You always want to stay ahead of the game in the marketing world. By keeping an eye on the competition, you’ll observe, adapt, and combat their strategies. You can decide if you want your display to mirror a similar tactic, or take your marketing in a whole new direction.

For example: If your competitors are taking a softer approach, maybe you want to try going bigger and bolder with bright colors and zing-y messaging! 

Freestanding Display for CPG in Retail (1)

Employ Transitions

Keeping your display updated to reflect new promotions, updates to the product (such as a new flavor!) or seasonal changes help you stay relevant in a sea of products. 

For example: Have an exciting, new flavor to brag about? Change your messaging to tell people all about it! 

Understand Your Demographic

When you take the time to understand your customers, it becomes easier to market specifically to them. Collect demographic data to see who shops in the market(s) you’ll be advertising in. Use that information to inform how you think about your advertising.

For example: Does your demographic data show that you are advertising in a particularly diverse neighborhood? Consider a multilingual ad to reach an even larger audience


Make sure that your free standing display is always clean, with all of your products facing front and set close together. The more organized it is, the more appealing it will be to customers!  

For example: An empty, dusty, disorganized shelf doesn’t reflect your brand very well, does it? 

Insignia’s Expertise With Custom Merchandising Display and Solutions

The world of in-store marketing can be easy when you’re with the right partner. The Insignia team is poised to hear about your brand and help you make your mark. Want to see how our custom merchandising display and solutions work with real time results? Read our case studies

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