Which Types of Retail Signage Are Best for Your Brand?

Need to grab more shoppers’ attention? Competing in today’s retail space requires more than quality products. To get your merchandise into the hands of customers, you first need to get in front of them.

At Insignia Systems, we offer an abundance of in-store advertising solutions, all creatively designed to attract and engage active shoppers. And we’re not just talking about “Buy 1, Get 1” ads, though we do those, too. We’re talking about versatile, eye-catching, and effective point of purchase (POP) signs that leave lasting impressions with your audience and ignite their impulse purchasing frame of mind.

Before you choose which in-store signage solution is best for your brand, let’s first review how they work to promote your unique products. 

Why Is In-store Signage a Game Changer?

In-store signage is a powerful marketing tool that helps brands influence shoppers’ final purchasing decision. But, it really does much more than that; it allows you to showcase your brand’s identity and persona. 

How? It creates familiarity with both new and existing customers. When they see your logo, font, or imagery, they associate your products with an experience or a feeling, thereby building better brand loyalty through a unique connection: “When customers feel connected to brands, more than half of consumers (57%) will increase their spending with that brand and 76% will buy from them over a competitor,” (Sprout Social).

How Insignia Systems Can Help

From brand equity signs to Box Talk®, we offer a unique array of retail store interior signage to help drive more traffic to your products. 

Brand Equity Signs for CPGBrand Equity Signage

In a previous article, we discussed why in-store positioning really does matter. And one of the best ways to reap the benefits of this type of advertising tactic was via POP signage. And remember when we said in-store signage helps get your brand messaging across to customers? 

Meet the brand equity sign. These retail signs carry your brand’s story off the shelf and into your customer’s journey. In 4-week or custom cycles, brand equity signs meet a wide range of business objectives, including:

POPS® with Price for oat milkPOPS® with Price

Want to increase sales? When you provide customers with your pricing up front, their decision to buy your product increases by 9%. At Insignia Systems, we specialize in creative POPS® with Price signage. This keeps your customers “in the know” about discounts, price cuts and limited time offers. 

It’s hard to resist a sale, and when you position your signage in front of the competition, showcasing your lower price tag, you can quickly convert shoppers into customers.   


On-Pack Advertising for CPG BrandBox Talk®

For increased brand engagement without using signage, you can utilize on-pack solutions. Box Talks® from Insignia offer a unique advantage over tradition in-store signage. Rather than being at shelf, Box Talks® are attached directly on your products to give shoppers the best angle on your benefits or promotions.

Being in the shoppers’ peripheral vision is one advantage, but actively drawing them in for a closer look will play a crucial role in influencing their final purchase decision. 

Transform Your Shoppers’ Journey with Insignia Systems

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