CPG Marketing: How to Measure Shopper Loyalty

What exactly is shopper loyalty? Think Starbucks vs. Caribou Coffee, Tide vs. Gain, or Crest vs. Colgate. Most people are drawn to one particular brand over another. And rarely—if not ever—do people alternate between two competitors when they’re shopping for a particular product.

Why such favoritism? Shopper loyalty usually results from a brand’s personal connection (or emotional impact) with a customer. In fact, 58% of companies use personalization techniques in their marketing efforts to help retain customers (SmallBizzGenius). Maybe customers grew up using your products. So, when they see in-store signage advertising your brand, they start to feel nostalgic, yearning to relive those early memories.

If your brand promotes sustainability, or other ethical practices that customers feel passionate about, this might also trigger a personal connection with your company, causing shoppers to choose your products over top competitors.

But shopper loyalty goes far beyond converting new shoppers into returning customers. It also means:

  • Customers are more likely to stick with your brand, even if it means paying extra.
    • Did you know that almost 40% of customers admit that they’ll pay more for a brand they like, even if there is a cheaper option available (Yotpo)?
  • Customers are more likely to purchase other products you launch
    • It’s true! In fact, 60% of customers say they’ll purchase more frequently from companies they like (InMoment).
  • Customers are more likely to recommend you to friends and family
    • Yup, about 55% of customers will tell a friend or family member about a brand they are loyal to (Accenture).
  • Customers are more likely to become lifetime advocates for your brand.
    • According to Motista, if customers establish an emotional connection with your brand, they have a 306% higher lifetime value.

Okay, so there’s no question that this level of loyalty is a valuable asset for CPG marketing. But how do you know if your existing marketing tactics are engaging new and returning customers. More simply put, how do you actually measure shopper loyalty?

Measuring the Success of CPG Advertising

Companies utilize analytics, marketing data, and retargeting tools to track online visitors to their websites and eCommerce stores. But did you know you can actually do the same with in-store marketing?

At Insignia Systems, we offer a suite of analytic and insight tools designed to help CPG brands accurately track and monitor their in-store marketing goals, including measuring brand loyalty.

Our Approach to Analytics

Combining industry insights with real-time data, we’ll help you discover new opportunities to increase performance of sales and improve engagement with customers as they shop.

Our suite of analytics and insights include the following common business objectives:

Sales Lift

This helps determine whether the in-store marketing campaign achieved its goal to attract and retain customers.

Eye-Tracking Analysis

This provides a tangible way of measuring your products’ shelf visibility, in conjunction with customers’ shopping habits.

Campaign or Demographic Level Impressions

This helps assess how well your displays or CPG brand promotion signs worked to attract and convert shoppers. We’ll help you figure out if they were successful in completing a sale or determine if they require stronger calls to action or secondary locations.

We’ll also provide shopper-level insights, such as:

  • Percentage of buyers new to category
  • Percentage of repeat buyers
  • Percentage of brand switchers
  • Average spend per trip for shopper
  • Promo period spend

Looking for a custom way to track ad performance? We’ll help you track specific business objectives that are most important to your goals, so you get to know your customer base better, including their shopping habits and demographics, as well as what they look for in brands they follow.

CPG Marketing in the Twin Cities

At Insignia Systems, we understand that analytics sounds like a complicated numbers game. But our team can help you untangle the data and implement the right CPG marketing strategies for your in-store ad campaigns, so you start seeing better ROIs and more loyal customers over time.

To learn how we can help, contact us to get started!