Does In-Store Positioning Really Influence Shopping Engagement?

The short answer: yes! Point-of-purchase (POP) signage offers your brand an effective in-store advertising strategy that can boost sales and entice shoppers to try new products. 

Think of it like having a salesperson inside every retail store that carries your products. When customers pass by your signage, they’re presented with new information about your product––a big sale, a new product launch, or nutritional facts on why your product is healthier than other options on the same shelf. 

A Brief History on Point-of-Sale Signage in Retail Stores

This type of in-store marketing tactic has evolved over the last few decades, particularly in scale, appearance, and placement. In the beginning, these types of displays were traditionally located upfront by the registers, and were known as POS (or Point-of-Sale displays)—as this area was considered the “final stage” of the shopper’s journey and your “last chance” to trigger impulse purchases. 

Retailers quickly discovered, however, that although the placement of store signage should remain strategic, limiting their advertising to just one area meant they were missing out on the bigger picture (i.e., keeping customers in the store longer to purchase more products).  

Today, we now have POP (point-of-purchase) signage,  which is positioned near the products you’re trying to advertising and where customers make their “purchasing” decisions. From the meat department to the bakery aisle to hanging off a shelf, POP signage helps promote brand awareness, launch new products, and keep customers engaged! 

Why Is Point-of-Sale Signage Effective?

Since 90% of retail sales are made in brick-and-mortar locations, and 76% of buying decisions are made at the shelf, it sounds like a no brainer why POP signage would make a big impact in the final buying decision. 

Let’s look at a quick example: At Insignia Systems, we’ll create a custom POP or brand equity sign for you that helps draw more shoppers in. At a glance, they can see your branded message, along with retailer-supplied store level pricing. 

So, if you’re in the store shopping for greek yogurt, you may already know you’ll have a ton of options, but you’re planning to just grab your regular “go-to” brand. As you walk toward the refrigerated aisle, you notice something poking out of the glass with a professionally branded logo. 

The sign is showcasing a delicious greek yogurt you’ve never tried before. And upon closer inspection, you also see that the price is slightly lower than your go-to yogurt. This minor disruption in your routine has caused you to rethink your game plan. And since you notice a lower price, this might trigger a sense of urgency that if you don’t grab this yogurt today, you could miss out on the sale. (Did you know that 63% of purchases are influenced by a price on a sign?)

So, you decide to try something new. A product that you may have skipped if it hadn’t been for the POP signage hanging in front of you. 

Kickstart Your POP Signage with Insignia Systems 

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