Creating an Impactful POP Display

Here’s the deal—if you’re going to invest in a POP display, you want to make sure it stands out. Currently, marketing experts estimate that Americans are exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements a day (Forbes). With so many advertisements all around us, it takes a strategic creative and well-crafted plan to make a successful impact.

And retail store signage is a particularly worthwhile investment—68% of Americans have said they purchased an item because a sign caught their eye.

Simply put, POP Displays are an effective marketing asset to promote your products in-store.

Our Tips for Creating an Impactful POP Display

Contemplate your intentions.

Coming up with a compelling call to action is going to directly impact how this display is received. We know what you’re thinking—your intention is to sell more! But it’s time to get into the specifics.

When you think about your display, are you hoping to:

  • highlight the health benefits of your product?
  • showcase a price reduction?
  • teach about a little known or new aspect of your product?
  • celebrate a new season or holiday?

Think carefully about your purpose behind this display and how the creative can serve it. How can you use color, images, display shape, and other elements to reinforce your intentions?

Consider your audience.

Who – exactly – are you trying to reach? By combining your purchase-based data with your intentionality, decide who you most want engaging with your in-store signage. Now that you have your audience in mind, what types of messaging and design will make the biggest impact.

Let’s try an example: Let’s say you’re promoting your new flavor of healthy chips. You know from your data that busy moms are your target audience. You could use this information to decide you want:

  • Bright colors that attract attention, compliment your branding, and look kid-friendly.
  • Clear messaging about the health benefits of your new chips.
  • A price reduction that makes throwing the chips into your cart absolutely irresistible.

Remember, the more specific you can be about your intentions and goals, the better your chances for success!

Know your location.

Having insight into where in the store your POP sign or display will be located makes a huge difference in how you create it. Take the time to visit the space and see what size and type of display makes sense. You don’t want the display to be too big (which can be intrusive to customers) but you also don’t want it to get lost. Don’t forget to think about the type of store you’re in and how customers move through it. Those types of insights can help your display stand out!

Create a clear, concise message

These days, people don’t have time to read long, wordy advertisements. This is the moment to make a short and impactful call-to-action that’s bolstered by eye-catching colors and easily read fonts. Highlight your product’s unique benefits, communicate your brand story, or call out a new item. Whatever you decide to do, make it easy to digest for those busy shoppers. This is your opportunity to strengthen brand loyalty and increase shopper engagement – use it wisely.

Insignia Can Save the Day

Looking for help with your POP creatives? We can help! With an in-house creative team we can make standout in-store signage that’ll attract the eyes of your target audience. Between your knowledge base of your product and our marketing expertise, there’s nothing we can’t handle! Take a look at our in-store solutions and start dreaming up your next marketing campaign.

One final note: Here at Insignia, we’ve written rather extensively about the basics of this sought-after retail store signage. To learn more, read our What is a POP Display blog!