A new approach to Mobile Ads

Following the success of our recent case study for a nutritional supplement brand that resulted in double-digit Foot Traffic Lift from a mobile ads campaign, we talked to our VP of Digital, Stacy Vossberg, to have her shed more insight around the program and Insignia Mobile in total.


Q: What makes Insignia different? 

A: We are bringing our in-store expertise and knowledge of how shoppers convert at the shelf to the digital space in a way that no other media companies can offer.

Our proprietary targeting process for mobile brings product, store, and shopper data together to identify consumers with the strongest propensity to buy.

From there, we deliver a seamless message between the shopper’s digital and in-store experiences, resolving the current disconnect between digital and store experience and resulting in driving sales, foot traffic, and more.


Q: What is product + store attribute targeting?

A: Essentially, it’s taking the ‘why people buy’ to define who else is most likely to buy, then targeting them in your mobile media campaign.

Every brand has an opinion on why shoppers choose their product. If you provide that to us, we can fold it into your objectives to refine the audience and reach the right shoppers.


Q: Is attribute targeting right for every brand? 

A: It could be, but first, I’d ask, what are you trying to achieve, and what is your primary KPI?

A couple of examples where attribute targeting is right:

  1. You’re a high growth brand with unique qualities (Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Keto, Collagen…), and you’re looking to define your audience target but not sure where to start.
  2. You’re an established brand with high HHP and loyalty, but looking to identify new shoppers

An example where another targeting type may be better suited:

  1. You’re a brand that has recently lost share to a specific competitor and need to go after that shopper

Defining your KPI is critical to provide a meaningful recommendation on what’s ‘right.’ While attribute targeting is unique to Insignia, often traditional targeting tactics can suffice. With dozens of different data sources, we seek to build to the campaign objectives.


Q: What got you most excited about the campaign from the case study? 

A: Like many of our campaigns, we exceeded the benchmark!

I am most excited about the differentiated approach we’re taking and impressive results we’re proving to brands of all sizes. Even better, we’re backing up our results with an introductory offer to help you hit the budget levels to see measurable results!


Q: Should every brand expect a double-digit traffic lift? 

A: While we always strive to exceed benchmarks and overdeliver for every client, we know that it’s not always possible to see these types of results.

Many contributing factors can impact results. What our in-house analytics team does so well is pull out nuggets of information to provide insights back to our clients that showcase what worked well in their campaign and how they can apply it to build better future campaigns.


Q: Any final nuggets to brands interested in Insignia Mobile solutions? 

A: Be open to options on how your goal comes to life.

  1. The digital specialist could have new ways of targeting that you have not used before
  2. The creative team may suggest a change that will help bring to life the objective within the media format they build every day
  3. The analytics team could recommend a campaign timing adjustment to ensure the relevant time period is being captured.
  4. If your KPI is tied to measurement (like sales or foot traffic), know that scale is required to run the analysis, and therefore it isn’t possible at all budgets. If you cannot afford the budget to achieve your primary KPI, consider waiting until you can, so you have the data to support future decision making surrounding our media spend.