Mobile Advertising

Over the last month, as our lives have shifted to a “new normal”, we’ve had a lot of clients reach out with various requests about how to change their projects to work in the current dynamic retail landscape.

Through our various in-store and digital tactics, we’ve been able to identify solutions for these partners. But, it has gotten us thinking that there are probably other brands that need guidance and partnership on switching up tactics for the foreseeable future, especially with the consumer shift to online shopping.

If you’re a brand that has primarily dealt with brick and mortar sales, it may seem overwhelming to make this shift. Luckily, with many retailers having existing e-commerce sites, and other companies like Instacart already in place, the move has been relatively easy. But, now, brands have to change their advertising tactics to give more support to these channels.

To be successful in this new landscape, you need to make sure you get on shoppers’ online lists. In a store, you can more easily draw attention to your product from down an aisle, but online, shoppers must actively search out your product. Did you know that if your item is out of stock and the shopper substitutes another brand into the order, the next time the service is used, it’s the substitute that’s remembered & set as a default favorite? Since humans are creatures of habit, we may not take the time to swap back to whatever “that other product” used to be.

So, how do you avoid being forgotten? There are two key campaigns you need to be running with your mobile advertising.

1. Brand Awareness

Yes, it’s higher on the conversion funnel, but especially if you are having stock issues, this is key to staying top of mind. Several recent surveys have shown that consumers are not opposed to receiving ads right now; the messaging just has to be appropriate. So, running mobile campaigns that drive shoppers to recipe ideas, social sites, or other places where they can interact with and remember how much they love your brand are critical at this time.

2. E-commerce

With many consumers not wanting to do their shopping in person right now, a simple way to get conversion is to drive consumers right to a source where they can buy your product. This could be through your own DTC site, Amazon, or at specific retailers e-comm pages where shoppers can either check out instantly or save the product for later. By linking digital ads direct to your product pages, you have removed the extra step of shoppers needing to search for your product, therefore increasing the chances of purchase.

Reach out to us if you’re looking to test with a new partner or solutions like our attribution targeting, or if your brand simply needs a partner to get you up and running with mobile ads. We can have programs live in as little as two weeks.