Precision Targetting Delivers More Shoppers to Store

How Insignia’s product and store attribute targeting reached the right consumers for the launch of a national brand’s new Icelandic style yogurt.

Digital Advertising for CPG Brands
The Client

National Yogurt Brand

Solution Category

Digital Promotions

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The Situation

The brand wanted to maximize their digital investment to drive awareness at launch of their premium Icelandic style yogurt and measure success through foot traffic at ShopRite.

Insignia helped identify the optimal intersection between finding health-minded consumers seeking out low sugar and high protein snacks and the most productive stores.

The Strategy

  • Curated a relevant, at-scale audience of shoppers who value the brand + low sugar + high protein snacks through our proprietary process with IRI.
  • Delivered creative through a Planned (five-mile radius) vs. Impulse (500 meters) strategy to engage with shoppers appropriately during their shopping journey.
  • Executed messages through both rich and static media to engage with shoppers how they prefer, either finding their closest store or recipe ideas.

The Success

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    Lift in Foot Traffic
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    Engagement with Ad

Determining the right shoppers to target goes beyond past purchase behavior. Identifying the highest potential consumers of the brand’s Icelandic style yogurt based on product benefits at the right stores resulted in an 85% lift at ShopRite, measured by Adsquare.

Diverse messaging provided further insight as to how the brand’s shopper prefers to engage with the brand, challenging the notion that rich media is the best. Specifically, shoppers were more engaged with the static recipe ad and how to creatively do more with their yogurt, representing 80% of the click action.