CASE STUDY: How Insignia’s proprietary attribute targeting drove brand sales and foot traffic.

Stacy VossbergVice President - Digital


National Men’s Personal Care Brand (deodorant, body spray, body wash and hair care)


Brand was looking to drive in-store sales and store traffic with a focus on increasing basket size and extending reach across secondary categories to drive incremental purchases at a key drug retailer.


1. Brand Informed: Insignia leveraged client’s core audience demographics (Moms with teenage sons) and overarching goals to formulate the logic behind ‘why’ a shopper would purchase their brand through product and store attributes.

2. Identify the Right Households: Through their partnership with IRI, Insignia identified the households with the highest propensity to purchase, along with the stores that have the highest engagement with those households. By leveraging the product and store attributes, Insignia refined the targeted households through a proprietary blend of deterministic and probabilistic data.

3. Dynamic Activation: Insignia activated two unique attribute led audiences with brand creatives – rotating promotional and equity messaging throughout the flight to align to the brands in-store activations.