How to drive mass awareness without blowing your budget

As marketers are being asked to justify every investment, brand managers are increasingly seeking to understand the efficiency of one tactic relative to another.  While different tactics play different roles in the purchase funnel, many marketers are surprised to find that in-store signage leads all other tactics with an average CPM of just below $2.00! Relative to many other tactics, in-store signage can deliver 2-10 times more impressions for the same level of investment. And on top of this incredible efficiency, there is an added bonus to in-store signage, it is the only tactic that reaches active shoppers who are in close proximity to your product!

If you are looking to drive mass awareness efficiently, we can help. Insignia collaborates with brands to create and execute effective in-store signage programs that tell your brand story to attract and build meaningful relationships with shoppers and consumers. We offer a wide variety of in-store signage programs at thousands of stores nationwide within grocery and mass channels including Walmart.  From creative development to installation, our team will help you create and execute your vision and exceed your goals. Contact us today to learn more!