Retail CIO Outlook names Insignia Systems a Top 10 Retail Management Solution Provider – 2018

Profile image of a business womanIn the shifting retail landscape, a sea of new product choices and changing consumer behavior patterns brought on by the e-commerce explosion have spurred a need for retailers and brands to create strong shopper engagement and build loyalty. Stiff competition and low-profit margins are necessitating brick and mortar stores to identify new methods for attracting and retaining shoppers with distinctive and personalized experiences. Geared to address the challenges of customer engagement and brand loyalty, Insignia Systems is leveraging innovative in-store media approaches and digital traffic driving solutions to build a new generation of data driven customer experiences.

As an emerging shopper engagement provider, Insignia has a unique approach that transforms the store into a media vehicle that can engage shoppers at national, banner and even local store level. When partnering with a retailer, Insignia takes a consultative approach to assess the retailer’s current in-store environment as well as developing a deep understanding of the retailer’s key strategies and objectives.

Insignia has a proprietary platform that aggregates store level data—such as sales or pricing data—and processes them to identify actionable insights designed to understand the retailer’s shoppers and drive incremental sales. They then translate these insights into brand campaigns that are activated at the shelf or via digital campaigns. “Our approach to understanding shopper level insights is truly unique in the industry and allows retailers to more deeply connect with their local shopper,” states Kristine Glancy, CEO of Insignia Systems.

Helping fuel Insignia’s growth has been their ability to leverage this platform to help retailers to promote their pricing strategy through customized perpendicular signage. This solution called Insignia POPS® is truly unique in the industry in that Insignia prints and executes signs with a CPG brand message and the exact store level pricing. Insignia has one of the largest retailer networks in the country with over 20,000 stores already participating in this program. Retailers love the program because it not only helps them drive awareness of their pricing strategy but it also does so in a way that generates incremental sales by highlighting brand campaigns. And with Insignia’s proprietary systems the entire program from designing the creative to printing and distributing the signs all happens at their headquarters which allows them to be highly responsive to retailer needs.

“The transformation of retail over the past several years has presented us with a huge opportunity to bring our technology and processes together to build new solutions that more deeply engage individual shoppers.”

Insignia’s proprietary systems and industry expertise are what allows them to shine so brightly in the retail space. The systems have allowed them to be vertically integrated with the entire process from an inhouse design team to onsite production and shipping. This level of integration is unique in the industry and allows them to remain highly responsive to their retail partner’s last-minute needs. With this vertical integration, Kristine mentions Insignia has the ability to execute most programs in as little as 4-6 weeks, a key competitive advantage versus their competition.

Kristine recollects an instance where a leading spice manufacturer was looking for a way to more deeply engage Millennials at the shelf. Having researched the mindset of their desired consumers, the client identified that the millennials are more interested in food variety but most of them have no knowledge of how to prepare it. Therefore, they tend to buy ready to eat food rather than cooking on own. Seeing an opportunity, Insignia worked to develop and execute a shopper engagement program that encouraged Millennials and other shoppers to engage with the brand at the shelf by scanning the package with the Shazam app to get recipes on how to prepare meals from scratch. The program not only drove brand awareness but helped shoppers find new ways to engage with the product.