Insignia’s Stacy Vossberg, named as one of Progressive Grocer’s top talents under 40, weighs in on a huge misconception about the grocery business

Stacy Vossberg profileProfiling the Next Generation of Grocery Leaders

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In November, 2018, Progressive Grocer named 25 of the top talents under 40 across grocery retail, suppliers and service providers, all of whom make up the inaugural class of the GenNext Awards, and all of whom were profiled in-depth. Here is more about our Stacy Vossberg.

As leader of the innovation team at in-store and digital marketing services provider Insignia Systems, Vossberg has used her experience in CPG sales and retail buying to develop a series of product innovations solving industry problems for brands and retailers. Leveraging the insights that consumers shop the produce department once a week or so but may venture into the center store only once a month, where they often struggle to identify family meal solutions, she and her team created freshADS, an advertising solution within the produce department that promotes brands and incentivizes shoppers through recipes, coupons and meal solutions with ingredients from around the store. She’s also an active mentor at the University of Minnesota College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources. Vossberg’s ideas and execution have helped fulfill industry needs, demonstrating not only her understanding of changing industry needs and the pain points of brands trying to drive growth and secure market share, but also her success in tackling these challenges.

23 Huge Misconceptions About the Grocery Business, According to Its Emerging Leaders


As the years pass, so does the carrying of the torch in the grocery business – from one generation to the next – across varying roles, companies and sectors. And as a growing number of these next-generation leaders move into bigger roles to help shape the industry, their perspectives and ways of dealing with industry issues – from better-for-you products to grocery technology – both new and continued are growing increasingly valuable and worthy of sharing. Progressive Grocer asked its top talents under 40 to share what they believe the largest misconception about the grocery business is – and what the reality actually is in terms of how they see it. Here’s what Stacy had to say:

“The belief that the physical store is dead and will only play a small role in the future of grocery shopping is the biggest misconception.”

The rapid growth in ecommerce has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars being invested to improve the online experience with very little attention being given to the physical shopping world. Brands and retailers must also dedicate resources to improving the shopping experience in their stores. This ranges from how they simplify shopping to help customers get in and out, to how they offer services and experiences that will engage shoppers and drive loyalty. Ecommerce is a huge part of future shopping, but in my opinion, the winners will ultimately be retailers and CPGs who figure out how to integrate the physical and digital world to inspire shoppers and drive sales. Read more here
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