Evan Anderson

Lead Designer

AKA The Utility Player

At Insignia since 2021.

No matter what the idea, Evan is sure to exhaust every solution to a project. Infinitely curious as to the why behind each decision, he is thorough in his process to get to the most sound solution. He is the liaison between the conceptual world and the final product at Insignia. Each new project is a blank slate to make more of an impact for both the client and the shopper to Evan. From sketch to blueprint to final product Evan is sure to give 100% to every project.

Fun Fact: I did the whole “sleeping on the floor with no money in NYC” thing.

Hobbies: Golf, disc golf, high-fantasy books, laser-cutting, 3D printing and collectible cards

What is a trend you hope makes a comeback?


What are three of your favorite things?

  • Enjoyable conversations that go way too long
  • Cracking a cold one with friends after a round of 18
  • Learning a new game

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