Bryan Perry

Director of Sales

AKA Insignia's Song Writer

At Insignia since 2022

Bryan puts relationships first. From clients to coworkers, he values team collaboration. Bryan is always ready to tackle a new project with a positive attitude to find the best possible solution for his clients. His goal? Create space back in the day for his clients so they can focus on other priorities, while he takes care of their in-store marketing needs.

Fun Fact: I want to be a baseball announcer when I grow up.

Hobbies: Staycations by the pool, attend Razorback sporting events, and riding bikes.

What is a trend you hope makes a comeback?

Vintage MC Hammer pants with Velcro waists.

What are three of your favorite things?

  • Faith & family
  • Our German Shepherds
  • Traveling with my wife


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