‘The Grocery Store as a Media Vehicle’

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – July 17, 2018 – Insignia Systems, Inc. published a white paper titled “The Grocery Store As A Media Vehicle: Why In-Store Messaging Is A Powerful And Increasingly Leveraged Complement To Digital Advertising”. The paper is based on research and conversations with an extensive group of CPG marketers and industry experts, and highlights three emerging frustrations with new media tactics:

  1. Pervasive questions on the transparency of digital advertising
  2. Growing demand for verifiable marketing results for all CPG investments
  3. Critical role receptivity plays in advertising effectiveness

It goes on to highlight three distinct advantages of in-store messaging that are compelling many brands to think of instore investment as a strategic conversion and awareness tactic, including:

  1. Opportunity to engage the crown jewel of marketing investment: active shoppers
  2. Ability to scale in-store messaging to millions of consumers
  3. Availability of a wide variety of verifiable tactics to meet different brand objectives

James Illingworth, SVP Marketing and Business Development at Insignia commented, “The increasingly fragmented media environment is a great concern for many CPG marketers. More and more brands are questioning the value of an impression at the bottom of an app or a digital platform. These ads may or may not be viewable, are often delivered while consumers are multitasking and seldom reach anyone in the act of grocery shopping. Compare that to an impression in a store at the point of purchase that is reaching active shoppers at a critical decision point and when they are most receptive to engaging with content relevant to their immediate purchase decisions.”

Demos Ioannou of DCI Consulting, noted advertising industry and analytics expert, was not surprised by the findings: “When I was working at a major food manufacturer, I was responsible for measuring a wide range of advertising tactics. When properly measured, in-store advertising is particularly easy to read and frequently delivers a verifiable lift. Given the current environment where CPGs need to understand impact of every dollar, in-store messaging is a no brainer.”

The white paper highlights how brands are seeking solutions that allow them to reinforce their messaging with active shoppers who are in front of a shelf and trying to choose between their product and their competitors. With US consumers collectively making over 200 million grocery trips per week, CPG marketers are seeing these as active opportunities to tell their brand story, drive awareness and secure incremental purchases. And as a result, many brands are rethinking their investment to be sure they are always present where the purchase decision is made.

The white paper can be accessed HERE

Contact: James Illingworth, SVP Marketing & Business Development James.illingworth@insigniasystems.com

Contact: James Illingworth
SVP Marketing & Business Development Insignia Systems, Inc. James.illingworth@insigniasystems.com
(763) 392-6200 2

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