Insignia Systems Launches New Attribute Targeting Digital Platform

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – November 19, 2019 – Insignia Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: ISIG) (“Insignia”) today reported the introduction of a new offering, attribute targeting, within their digital platform.

Insignia’s President and CEO Kristine Glancy commented, “We are excited to announce our formal entrance into digital marketing. While there are numerous digital providers in our industry, we are positioned to leverage our in-store expertise, industry research and a relationship with IRI to create a new and differentiated targeting approach. Through our relationship, we created a proprietary, datainformed attribute targeting methodology, which leverages information about specific product and store attributes to analyze why shoppers convert at shelf. This enables us to identify shoppers with the highest propensity to purchase and is designed to help brands cultivate a unique target audience to deliver highly relevant mobile messaging and, ultimately, to increase sales and drive foot traffic.”

“Insignia has a strong track record of driving improved in-store experiences that increase conversions, and we are excited to help power their newest offering, attribute targeting, within their digital platform with the IRI ShopperSights™ activation planning solution,” said Jeanne Livelsberger, Executive of Market and Shopper Intelligence for IRI. “Brands can now better understand their consumers and shoppers, identify the most valuable stores with ease and create a better shopping experience.”

Recently a national men’s personal care brand was looking to increase in-store sales and store traffic by increasing basket size and extending reach across secondary categories. To address the brand’s objectives, Insignia combined its understanding of at-shelf conversion with insights about the client’s core audience. Next, through its relationship with IRI, Insignia identified the households with the highest propensities to purchase, along with the stores that have the highest engagement with those households. Insignia further refined the targeted households through a proprietary process focused on media efficiency. The campaign was a solid success, delivering an increase in foot traffic of 3.77% and an overall sales lift of 3.71%.

“We’re extremely proud of the results our attribute targeting approach delivered with this campaign,” said Kristine Glancy, CEO of Insignia Systems. “Our relationship with IRI is a win for the industry, delivering more effective and transparent campaigns for the brands and more relevant messages to the shopper that fully connects to their in-store shopping experience.”