Zack Weber

Vice President of Finance

AKA Insignia's Office Bookie

At Insignia since 2013

Zack is Insignia’s finance guru. His goal? Insignia achieves the best financial performance as possible. Whether it be SEC filing or budgeting, he uncovers ways to improve results by digging into the details and tackling complex problems. With a consistent, trustworthy and hardworking attitude, he establishes the best strategy for Insignia to actualize its financial goals.

Fun Fact: He grew up on a dairy farm in MN

Hobbies: Fishing any time of year or playing and watching sports in his free time

What is a trend you hope makes a comeback?

The good ole’ days with classic beer and none of that sour stuff

What are three of your favorite things?

  • Ice fishing
  • Going to breweries (especially Modist in Minneapolis)
  • Fantasy Football


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