Power Wings & Sidekicks

Drive impulse purchases

Fixtures that promote sales

Power wings & sidekicks are flexible displays that attach to and hang from existing shelving in an aisle or at the end of the aisle. Typically hung at eye-level, power panels are designed to fit the specific retailer’s specifications and are used to drive trial and promote impulse purchases.

Insignia Systems in-store marketing, power panel product display

Proven brand benefits

Power Panels are often hung on the side of an end cap and used as a secondary location to lead the aisle.

Similar to free standing displays, they are one of the most effective tools to drive incremental sales. This is because they provide brands with an important secondary location with placement outside of aisle.

Some of the most common uses of free standing displays are to showcase new products that shoppers wouldn’t already be looking for, to highlight promotional offers, drive impulse purchases and more.

Easy program execution

We provide a full managed service solution.  This starts with understanding your business needs.  We then work to develop a design and creative approach that meets your specific needs.

Once we have aligned on the approach and finalized the design, we manage everything from production to shipping and installation.  Finally, once our execution is complete, we provide you with a full recap.

Lead times are as short as 6 weeks.

Insignia Systems in-store marketing, power wing

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