Insignia POPS® with Price

Generate incremental sales and capture share

Did you know that having a POPSign® with price increases brand sales by as much as 9%?

Insignia POPS® with price is a point of purchase advertisement that executes at the shelf in thousands of stores in the US.

Brands have access to a variety of tools to meet objectives that include capture share, drive sales, and defend the business. But very few of those tools have an impact that could dramatically increase share like a POP sign with price.

Shoppers tend to be on autopilot in the aisle, and in-store signage placed at the shelf is a highly effective way to engage someone who might not have your product on their list — or even be aware of it at all. Unlike many other vehicles, Insignia POPS® engages the active shoppers standing in front of your category and considering your brand benefits relative to your competitors’.

Insignia is the exclusive provider of signs with price, which were developed because research suggests a large prominent price helps engage shoppers as they are walking down the aisle.

A sign with price drives twice as many people to report the item is on discount even when there is no discount, compared to a sign without price.

How Insignia POPS® converts shoppers into buyers

of people report the price on the sign can influence their purchase of the brand on the sign
of people have an overall good impression of our POP sign with price
of people report the item to be on discount even when there is no discount
Insignia Systems in-store marketing, POPS with price product promotion

Proven brand benefits

Clients love Insignia POPS® because they provide great conversion results that are easy to prove. Insignia measures the results of hundreds of programs a year using both internal and third-party analyses, which confirm that our clients experience sales lifts that translate to an ROI of 3:1 — or better! Below are common brand objectives that Insignia POPS® can help achieve:

  • Seasonal communication
  • New product launch announcement
  • Renovation or product upgrades
  • New packaging
  • Digital amplification of retailer loyalty programs
  • Digital coupon awareness
  • Audience specific targeting
  • Promotional events
  • Cross promotions
  • And more…

Easy program execution

Execution of Insignia POPS® is easy and seamless. We can go from design to execution in as little as 4-6 weeks. All you do is supply your branded creative communication. Our proprietary technology receives direct feeds from our retail partners to get real-time store level pricing and retailer logos for your program. We then print a unique sign for each store, collate them with other signs going to the same store, and ship them for installation.

We partner with each retailer to understand their store operations and develop a process that achieves the best possible execution, giving us a unique installation approach.

And because of our established retailer network, these programs can be executed in as little as 4-6 weeks, allowing us to implement your message faster than other sign providers.

Insignia Systems in-store marketing, POPS with price product promotion
Insignia Systems in-store marketing, POPS with price product promotion

Effective program frequency

Insignia POP signs are sold in 2-week cycles that correspond to retailer ad breaks. These shorter cycles allow you to better match your in-store advertising with your other out-of-store marketing tactics like coupon drops and digital campaigns.

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Insignia has the largest retail network in the US for executing
in-store signage with price.

We manage everything from national campaigns to targeted store-level programs. We work with most major retailers as well as many regional and independent retailers.

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