Inspire shoppers early in the trip

Did you know that 98% of household shop the produce section?

Engage shoppers early in their shopping trip by being where they most often stop first, and you can harness the power of the produce section to inspire them, drive traffic to your product, and increase sales.

freshADSSM is an exclusive, first-of-its-kind advertising vehicle located in the produce section.

Its prominent location on the twist tie dispenser puts your brand right in front of shoppers as they are selecting their produce and starting their shopping trip. Our most popular freshADSSM solution uses a tear pad offering recipes and/or coupons. This effective option leverages a shopper’s desire to be inspired early on, with a recipe to help them easily gather ingredients and a coupon to guide them to your product on shelf.

Drive Awareness in Produce


Drive Center Store Traffic


Inspire Meal Solutions


Build Bigger Baskets


Increase Trip Time


Proven brand benefits

The synergistic placement of freshADSSM in the produce section drives awareness at the beginning of the shopper’s journey, and can connect your brand with over 34 million customers per week. 83% of produce shoppers welcome advice on new items and preparation techniques to inspire meal solutions. freshADSSM also help build bigger baskets (one with produce is 44% over an average ring) as well as drive center store traffic.

Easy program execution and effective frequency

freshADSSM signs are displayed on the Twist-Ease twist-tie dispensers across the produce department. Each program runs for 4 weeks and includes 2 placements. You choose your preferred placement within the produce section.

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