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Here's how we do it

We execute programs for many CPGs, spanning major multi-nationals as well as emerging brands. Our solutions include a variety of in-store syndicated and custom programs as well as digital tactics. We are a trusted partner of many stores across the US where we develop and execute turnkey and custom CPG marketing materials, and offer a full range of small and large format retailer printing capabilities.

In the rapidly evolving media landscape, brands are increasingly looking to reach consumers when they are most receptive to their communication.

As a result, the store is emerging as a powerful media platform that allows brands to reach active shoppers at the point of purchase. In addition, shoppers are more likely to use mobile phones to aid their grocery trip, helping them research and look for products at other places.

Retailers must develop strategies to maintain and keep shoppers within their ecosystem.  Insignia understands this challenge and has a variety of tactics that can provide shoppers with brand-funded in-store marketing that supports your store priorities.

Insignia’s unique industry strength lies in our ability to collaborate with you and your partners to truly understand your needs, and develop a solution well-aligned with your business objectives.

Based on the variety of our CPG and custom print capabilities, Insignia can be your single source provider for all your in-store signage needs.  Here’s what makes us different:

Vertical Integration

With on site printing, fulfillment and design services, vertical integration allows us to be flexible and provide fast execution to deliver custom content across both national and local stores.

Digital Amplification

We are able to apply cutting-edge tools to heighten the shopper experience and adapt to the ever-changing digital environment.

Localized Execution

With a focus on strategic local execution, designs are varied based on retailer prices and messages are adjusted in order to target specific shopper segments.

On-site Printing

Our in-house design studio and print shop gives us the tools and flexibility to ensure that each campaign is carefully personalized to your needs.

Insignia Systems in-store marketing, POPS with price product promotion

In-Store Signage Solutions

Did you know that 76% of buying decisions are made at the shelf? In-store signage is one of the most effective ways to reach active shoppers and help a brand drive awareness and trial.  With the average household shopping 1.6 times a week, this is also a very efficient way to reach millions of shoppers in a short period of time. Insignia offers a wide variety of in-store signage products that can be seamlessly executed across all your stores.

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Custom Print Solutions

In-store signage has a huge impact on a retailer’s profitability. Whether it’s helping shoppers with navigation, informing them of promotions, or simply identifying the price of an item, signage is a critical way to communicate with them, enhance their experience, and ensure you remain their retailer of choice. As one of the leading suppliers of in-store marketing materials, Insignia understands the variety of retailer signage needs and offers everything you need to communicate with your shoppers.

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Insignia Systems in-store marketing, powerwing product display

Display Solutions

Did you know secondary placement is one of the most effective trial-driving vehicles?  Leveraging another location in the store is a great way to engage shoppers that may not have planned to make a purchase — or inform them of a product they may not have been aware of.  Because of Insignia’s partnership with many CPGs, we can bring branded content to your stores to inspire your shopper and drive incremental sales.

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“Many times we have presented Insignia with a project with only an idea in mind. Their design team turned our idea into a vision, which was carried through with excellence through printing and delivery.”

- VP Marketing, A Major Grocery Retailer

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