CASE STUDY: How Insignia helped a large national brand retain prime display floor space with a large national retailer


A National Confectionary Brand


The brand was awarded prime floor display space by a large national retailer for a Free Standing Display (FSD). Upon arrival at the stores, the displays were found to be non-compliant to the retailer’s specifications and could not be placed in aisle. The brand’s only options were to discount the product to move the excess in-store inventory or quickly replace the display in a short amount of time.


Insignia’s nimble capabilities and fast execution built a brand new fully compliant display in 4 business days, meeting all the required guidelines and enabling the brand to:

  • Keep their commitment to the retailer
  • Retain space and prevent mark down loss
  • Replace the display as quickly as possible
  • Protect future opportunities



Former Contributor – Akshay Kaul