Who We Are

We are a passionate team of shopper engagement experts, providing in-store and digital marketing solutions that build brand awareness and conversion at shelf.

Insignia Systems has been a leading marketing solutions provider for nearly three decades.

Our products range from in-store solutions to digital advertising, and we are trusted by prominent CPGs and retailers across the country to provide a full suite of shopper engagement solutions.

Insignia partners with many large and emerging CPG clients who rely on our deep expertise in the dynamic retail environment to help them develop marketing strategies and execute a wide range of tactics, both in- and out-of-store. We also nurture deep relationships with top retailers, and execute unique solutions in a large network of stores that range from national grocery chains and mass merchandisers to large regional stores and wholesalers.

Insignia was founded in 1990 and is a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ under the stock symbol ISIG.

What differentiates us

We thrive on understanding your shoppers and your challenges, then we provide effective solutions that are agile in design, customized to your needs, and quickly executed.

Speed to Market

We operate in a dynamic industry, and recognize how quickly your business moves within it. This makes rapid execution extremely important to our partners, so we work closely with retailers to develop unique installation processes that allow us to seamlessly execute most in-store programs in as little as 4-6 weeks.

Solve Problems

We rely on our dedicated team of shopper engagement experts who are up to date on today’s consumer’s everyday habits. We invest heavily in 3rd party research to understand why shoppers shop, how they shop, and what inspires them to buy what they buy.  We can help you find solutions to your most challenging problems.


We specialize in a unique vertical integration, which allows us to be extremely agile and flexible in designing solutions for you.  Our large network of stores allows us to further customize to meet your specific needs, whether it is a full national network or highly targeted individual stores.

Thought Leadership

We understand the challenges that brands face because many of us have worked as a brand manager, category manager or retailer buyer. With numerous consumer options, it can be tricky to achieve a specific objective while simultaneously developing a meaningful relationship with your shopper. We partner closely with your team in order to develop programs that can do both.

Our Values


CPG Clients

A Handful of Our Consumer Package Goods Clients

Retailer Clients

A Handful of Our Retailer Clients

Culture and Community

Leading with confidence, serving with care.

At Insignia, we support both personal and professional development to strengthen us as individuals and as a team. We’ve created a culture that embraces talent, effort, and potential as well as compassion, humility, and gratitude.

At Insignia, we believe in quality of life in and out of the office. We were honored to be named one of Minneapolis Star Tribune’s Top Workplaces of 2018, and we’re honored to give our time and commit our resources to organizations like Second Harvest Heartland, Avenues for Homeless Youth, Feed My Starving Children, and Memorial Blood Centers.

At Insignia, we’re quick to lend a hand or an ear, we’re eager to pursue goals and dreams, and we’re always ready for some fun!

Our Solutions

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Our Partners

At Insignia, we embrace this complexity, and work with our partners to design solutions that meet their specific needs. Whether you are a retailer, a brand, an agency, or an entrepreneur with a new idea, we can help by working to understand your unique situation and building a custom solution that allows you to tell your story, drive trial, and increase sales.

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